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Shelf Labels (ESLs)

ESL Overview

Retailers traditionally have employed a time-intensive process of printing paper shelf labels, meaning employees must reprint new labels each time prices change.

Consequently, retailers face challenges of inaccurate pricing and inefficient operations, negatively impacting customer satisfaction. ESLs are low-profile digital displays that enable automated, real-time pricing updates and dynamic promotional management; when market factors dictate a price change, retailers can take immediate action.

How It Works

Step 1

Retailers place active energy harvesting devices across warehouses, distribution hubs, and stores. These transmitters serve as power hubs, emitting a focused electromagnetic field capable of wirelessly delivering energy to nearby ESLs.

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Step 2

Every shelf at each store is equipped with active energy harvesting-compatible ESLs, which integrate with the inventory management and shelving system, replacing paper label makers. Each ESL contains an active energy harvesting receiver to wirelessly convert energy from transmitters into usable power.

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Step 3

Retail pricing and promotion teams can now control pricing from a centralized location, using advanced software to manage updates. Monitoring market dynamics, they can update pricing in real time and design captivating promotions tailored to customer preferences.

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