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Wireless Harvesting Kit

UNLEASH YOUR POWER This kit is specifically designed to demonstrate the capabilities of these technologies for IoT sensor applications, Providing consistent over-the-air wireless power for ESLs (electronic shelf labels), asset trackers, sensors, BLE beacons, and other small devices. The result is an all-new reality of mobile, waterproof, maintenance-free, smaller, and easier-to-implement devices for: Smart Logistics […]

Asset Tracking EVK (1W Powerbridge + Wiliot Pixels)

Energous 1 W Powerbridge Wiliot Dev Kit

UNLEASH YOUR POWER® The 1W Energous PowerBridge is a cost-effective and easy to deploy device that energizes Wiliot IoT Pixels. It is a low-profile and lightweight integrated system designed for easy installation on both ceilings and walls to facilitate large coverage areas. Additionally, the 1W Energous PowerBridge scans for Wiliot IoT Pixel beacons and can […]

Wireless IoT Sensors Evaluation Kit

UNLEASH YOUR POWER® Explore the cutting-edge of wireless IoT technology with the Energous/InPlay Wireless Sensor Evaluation Kit, a collaboration showcasing InPlay’s technology in our innovative solutions. This kit is expertly designed to demonstrate the potential of our wireless power delivery and advanced sensor technology for a range of IoT applications. It includes our Wireless Power […]