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Digital Supply Chain

Digital Supply Chain Overview

Digital tools are all around us; it’s impossible to go through an entire day without using technology in some form. These tools make businesses smarter, safer, and more efficient and aid in the development and delivery of better products and services. It is imperative to embrace the growing web of IoT devices, as well as RPA, big data, AI, and other solutions that modernize and future-proof operations. Energous wireless power transfer solutions keep all these interconnected devices powered on and running smoothly.

How It Works


Step 1

Tracking sensors are attached to boxes and individual items. RFID capabilities ensure these sensors can be read on the move, at a distance, and without line of sight.


Step 2

Sensor readers are installed on conveyor belts, shelves, and other locations to identify and track goods as they move through buildings and between locations.


Step 3

Once goods leave the warehouse, the tracking sensors are still on and delivering data about the journey. These sensors can send an alert immediately if there are any errors.

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See Digital Supply Chain In Action

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