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Inventory Management

Inventory Management Overview

Energous wireless power transfer technology enables real-time inventory visibility for optimized operations. Tiny wireless sensors on inventory, activated by active energy harvesting, continuously  transmit location and quantity data. Personnel gain instant access to precise, real-time analytics on items, transactions and trends. Intelligent algorithms can use these data streams to guide timely decision making, predict reorder counts, and map warehouse routes for maximum efficiency. With Energous’ wireless power transfer, organizations can transcend outdated inventory practices and gain an intelligent, optimized system that drives revenue and operational excellence.

How It Works

Step 1

Attach tiny Energous-powered sensors to inventory items, assets, and supplies. These continuously energized tags transmit identifying data instantly.

Step 2

Install wireless power transmitters throughout your facilities to activate the sensors. Handheld readers, wall-mounted antennae, and overhead systems detect movement and location in real-time.


Step 3

Wirelessly powered sensors feed continuous data to inventory software and predictive analytics. Personnel gain actionable insights to guide workflows, mapping, and proactive replenishment for maximum efficiency.

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