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Healthcare Overview

Energous wireless power transfer solutions are a game changer for medical environments where speed and accuracy are paramount.

Whether in the exam room or at the operating table, medical professionals need to have a clean, clutter-free environment tailor-made for efficiency because mere seconds can be the difference between life and death.

Bacteria and infection are two of the most dangerous risks in exam and operating rooms; hard-to-sanitize cords on tools and other equipment can harbor germs or become tangled during use, hindering timely action. Cordless tools that are completely sealed, with no open ports for chargers or other accessories, are more easily sterilized and eliminate the safety risk of managing cords.

Our patented RF-based technology is flexible, fitting easily into devices of all shapes and sizes and supporting low- and high-power requirements.

Industry Specific Solutions

Revolutionize your supply chain logistics with intelligent asset trackers powered by cutting-edge wireless technology, ensuring real-time updates on location, condition, and more.
Automate your retail pricing and promotions with wireless, over-the-air powered Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs), optimizing accuracy and efficiency across your store.
Eliminate the hassle of manual battery replacements in your industrial IoT network with our self-sustaining, energy-harvesting IoT sensors.

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