2W Energous PowerBridge

UNLEASH YOUR POWER® (Placeholder content from Press Release) Energous Unveils Game-Changing 2W PowerBridge Transmitter: Doubling the Power, Elevating IoT Networks The number of IoT devices continues to expand, especially in industrial, commercial, and residential spaces. Energous’ 2W PowerBridge helps reduce the need for replaceable batteries and charging cables, and is capable of powering IoT devices […]

1W Energous PowerBridge

UNLEASH YOUR POWER® This energy harvesting developer kit combines Energous’ radio frequency (RF) solution with e-peas’ power management IC technology to support at-a-distance wireless charging applications for smart buildings, industrial IoT sensors, retail electronic displays and more. The 1W Energous PowerBridge transmitter incorporates the EN4100 and EN3210 devices. The EN4100 is a highly integrated System-on-Chip […]

1W Energous PowerBridge for Wiliot IoT Pixels

Energous 1 W Powerbridge Wiliot Dev Kit

UNLEASH YOUR POWER® The 1W Energous PowerBridge is a cost-effective and easy to deploy device that energizes Wiliot IoT Pixels. It is a low-profile and lightweight integrated system designed for easy installation on both ceilings and walls to facilitate large coverage areas. Additionally, the 1W Energous PowerBridge scans for Wiliot IoT Pixel beacons and can […]