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2W PowerBridge

The Energous 2W PowerBridge transmitter system is designed for next-generation, enterprise IoT applications, providing a wireless power network (WPN) that delivers an always-on, over-the-air, automated energy flow that optimizes IoT device performance. The 2W PowerBridge system combines two EN3210 high-efficiency power amplifiers with an EN4100 System-on-Chip (SoC) RF transmitter to create a wireless charging infrastructure […]

1W PowerBridge

The Energous 1W PowerBridge transmitter system is a cost-efficient wireless power network (WPN) solution that works with a variety of energy harvesting Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensors to provide an always on, over-the-air WPN for battery-free, IoT-enabled devices. Easily mounted on a wall or vehicle, the 1W PowerBridge system is ideal for real-time location tracking […]

1W Omni-directional PowerBridge

The Energous 1W Omnidirectional PowerBridge transmitter system provides 360 degrees of always-on, over-the-air wireless power. Developed for IoT-based applications where monitoring temperatures, CO₂ levels, and humidity is critical, the system seamlessly energizes IoT-enabled sensors, ensuring they are powered safely, efficiently, and reliably 24/7/365. The 1W Omnidirectional PowerBridge system combines an EN3210 high-efficiency power amplifier with […]