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2W Energous PowerBridge

UNLEASH YOUR POWER® (Placeholder content from Press Release) Energous Unveils Game-Changing 2W PowerBridge Transmitter: Doubling the Power, Elevating IoT Networks The number of IoT devices continues to expand, especially in industrial, commercial, and residential spaces. Energous’ 2W PowerBridge helps reduce the need for replaceable batteries and charging cables, and is capable of powering IoT devices […]

1W Omnidirectional PowerBridge

UNLEASH YOUR POWER Unlock the full potential of IoT with the 1W Omnidirectional PowerBridge, designed to seamlessly energize and communicate with IoT devices. This PowerBridge stands out with its dual-band capability, delivering up to +30 dBm in the 900 MHz band and up to +20 dBm in the 2.4 GHz band, ensuring your IoT devices […]

1W PowerBridge

UNLEASH YOUR POWER The 1W Energous PowerBridge transmitter incorporates the EN4100 and EN3210 devices. The EN4100 is a highly integrated System-on-Chip (SoC) RF transmitter IC, while the EN3210 is a 1W, high-efficiency power amplifier (PA). The receiver is configurable to use one of 3 RF input paths including discrete and EN2223 options. The AEM30940 is […]