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Retail Overview

Our wireless power transfer solutions help customers in brick-and-mortar retail elevate the in-store experience, streamlining operations and more effectively applying data collected from devices like beacons and electronic shelf tags to offer the highest level of service every time.

A typical retail store might employ hundreds or thousands of these devices, making it impractical – if not impossible – to manually change each battery or plug them into a charger daily. Having that many cords can be a logistical nightmare, and the environmental impact of disposing of that many batteries in landfills is quite severe.

Energous transfers power wirelessly through its proprietary RF-based technology that automatically detects when devices need a charge and refills them. 

Industry Specific Solutions

Revolutionize your supply chain logistics with intelligent asset trackers powered by cutting-edge wireless technology, ensuring real-time updates on location, condition, and more.
Automate your retail pricing and promotions with wireless, over-the-air powered Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs), optimizing accuracy and efficiency across your store.
Eliminate the hassle of manual battery replacements in your industrial IoT network with our self-sustaining, energy-harvesting IoT sensors.

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