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Smart Farming

Smart Farming Overview

In an era marked by growing global food demands and increased concerns about sustainability, the agriculture sector is ripe for transformation. Energous is uniquely positioned to usher in this revolution with its wireless power solutions for the smart farming industry. Our portfolio of services offers a comprehensive approach to enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and embrace sustainability, significantly changing how farmers operate, monitor, and make decisions about their farms.

Industry Specific Solutions

Revolutionize your supply chain logistics with intelligent asset trackers powered by cutting-edge wireless technology, ensuring real-time updates on location, condition, and more.
Automate your retail pricing and promotions with wireless, over-the-air powered Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs), optimizing accuracy and efficiency across your store.
Eliminate the hassle of manual battery replacements in your industrial IoT network with our self-sustaining, energy-harvesting IoT sensors.

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