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5 Breakthroughs Powering the Future of Wireless Charging

As wireless charging arrives and grows in popularity, a second-generation technology will be needed…

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WattUp® Wireless Charging for Smart Glasses

Without a doubt, these past months have been extremely difficult as the global community deals with…

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WattUp® PowerHub • Charging Over-The-Air

What is driving the need for wireless charging 2.0? The ability to charge electronic devices…

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Decoding Wireless Power

We have it pretty good when it comes to technology, don’t we? Generally speaking, we no longer…

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The Future of Wireless Charging, with FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “energy and persistence conquer all things.” I’ve worked in the…

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Hearables: A Market Ripe for Wireless Charging 2.0

While walking to Gate A-68 to board my flight to Nuremberg from Frankfurt, I was wondering what I…

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An Inside Look at Energous’ RF Testing Chamber: Where We Test, Validate & Optimize Wireless Charging 2.0

As a fabless semiconductor and systems company that is driving forward a new generation of wireless…

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WattUp Receives Regulatory Approval in 100 Countries

Today we announced we have received regulatory approvals for our WattUp Near Field wireless…

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Breaking Through the Wires: A Milestone Moment

We love and are so attached to our devices – smartphones, fitness bands, wearables, gaming systems,…

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Ditching Disposable Batteries

Disposable batteries – those little things that you always seem to need when your remote control…

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The Hitch with Hearing Aids

A good hearing aid is truly life-changing for the millions of people who rely on them on a daily…

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