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Wirelessly Powered IoT Sensor Evaluation Kit


Explore the cutting-edge of wireless IoT technology with the Energous/InPlay Wireless Sensor Evaluation Kit, a collaboration showcasing InPlay’s technology in our innovative solutions.

Our IoT Sensor EVK – Eagle (1W) is expertly designed to demonstrate the potential of our wireless power delivery and advanced sensor technology for a range of IoT applications. It includes our Wireless Power Transmitter, delivering efficient, distance-charging capabilities, and two InPlay-powered sensors.

These sensors, featuring advanced energy-harvesting Bluetooth technology, capture and transmit critical data like temperature, humidity, and motion, directly to your mobile device. Ideal for smart home, retail, and industrial environments, this kit is a gateway to the future of battery-less, sustainably powered IoT solutions.


  • Sensors provide Temperature, Humidity, and Acceleration information to a mobile application via Bluetooth LE. Sensor design information can be provided to support customization and integration of other sensor types
  • Integrated multistage RF harvesting rectifier with MPPT (maximum power point tracking) algorithm maximizes harvesting performance over the input range
  • Sensor consumes approximately one quarter the power consumption of a typical Bluetooth LE beacon increasing the amount of functionality (sensor reads and reporting interval) for a given amount of power vs. other solutions
  • Energy harvesting BLE module with integrated flash supports rapid customer development and device integration in a small form factor

What’s Included

  • 1W Energous PowerBridge Transmitter (1)
  • Battery-Free IoT Sensors (2)
  • Mobile Application to Monitor Sensor Data


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