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Powering the Next Generation of IoT Applications with Wireless Charging

The integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) with advanced wireless charging systems is reshaping operational efficiency and innovation across multiple markets, including retail, transportation and logistics (T&L), and manufacturing. This IoT wireless charging technology is enabling the creation of extensive over-the-air (OTA) wireless power networks that can power everything from tiny sensors in supply chains to low power sensors on manufacturing floors – without the need for direct electrical connections. In this blog, we explore IoT wireless charging technology, its significant benefits to a variety of industries, and how Energous is playing a pivotal role in its advancement.

Advances in IoT Wireless Charging

IoT wireless charging refers to the technology that enables the transmission of electrical power to IoT devices without the need for physical connectors or cables. It utilizes methods such as radio frequency (RF) energy to ensure a seamless, efficient, and safe charging environment for a multitude of devices. Traditionally, wireless charging technology has been used for near-field, 1-to-1 consumer applications, such as inductive charging pads for smartphones.

Energous has taken this technology to the next level, developing OTA wireless power network solutions that enable far-field power charging. This innovative, wireless power transfer technology is ideal for charging multiple devices from a remote location – retail sensors, electronic shelf labels, and other IoT devices.

An OTA wireless power network is comprised of multiple components, including transmitters and receivers that generate, send, and receive a charging signal, as well as control electronics that manage the transfer of power between the IoT devices. Wireless network technology is also critical, as it pushes the data collected from the devices into the cloud. Today, we utilize Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) instead of Wi-Fi or LoRa, as we believe it is better at regulating the transfer of data between devices.


Enabling New Levels of Intelligent Automation

Energous OTA wireless power networks are revolutionizing asset and inventory tracking management, enabling new levels of visibility, control, and intelligent automation for IoT applications:

  • Asset Tracking and Cold Chain Management: The ability of OTA wireless power networks to maintain 24/7/365 power for IoT devices plays a crucial role in asset tracking within supply chains. Real-time location tracking and condition monitoring of assets become more reliable, ensuring seamless logistics operations. It also ensures that temperature-sensitive commodities are constantly monitored via IoT sensors without the risk of power disruption, significantly reducing the risk of spoilage and loss.
  • Manufacturing: IoT devices in manufacturing can be more reliably powered by OTA wireless power networks, ensuring that production lines are efficient, and intelligently automated machines are continuously operational without pauses for battery replacement. The devices constantly monitoring these machines help ensure that actions can be taken before a potentially damaging situation, enabling real-time preventative maintenance.
  • Retail: In the fast-paced retail environment, OTA wireless power networks enhance operational efficiency and customer service. IoT devices, including mobile point-of-sale systems and inventory management sensors, can benefit immensely from wireless charging solutions. The technology ensures that devices are continuously powered and operational during business hours, reducing downtime and enhancing the overall customer experience. Additionally, inventory management sensors can provide real-time out-of-stock alerts, ensuring that products are always available to customers. This helps improve service and maximize sales opportunities. OTA wireless power networks ensure that all IoT devices—from digital price tags to inventory management sensors—are consistently powered, enhancing the efficiency of operations and the accuracy of asset tracking systems.

Powering the Future of IoT

Energous is pioneering scalable, OTA wireless power networks that enable unprecedented levels of visibility, control, and intelligent automation for IoT applications. Our solutions can dynamically power devices across different settings, dramatically broadening the impact of wireless charging. In addition, by building a strong ecosystem of industry-leading hardware, software, and system integrator partners, we are ensuring the seamless compatibility of our technology with a wide array of devices, further broadening the impact and applicability of OTA wireless power.

Want to learn more about how Energous can bring OTA wireless power to your IoT application? Connect with us to check out our latest Proof of Concept!



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