The Future of Wireless Power
We pioneered the technology that delivers wireless power over the air and at a distance. Now, we’re committed to expanding the ecosystem to support the next generation of IoT.
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Supporting Over-the-Air Wireless Power Transfer Solutions
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Our wireless charging technology will transform the way consumers and industries charge and power electronic devices.

Endless Power, Endless Possibilities

Energous is a system semiconductor company developing proven wireless power transfer systems to charge IoT devices over the air and at a distance.

As the global leader in the development and deployment of wireless power networks, we are driving a new revolution in smart systems and the expansion and optimization of the IoT ecosystem.


At the forefront of innovation, we deliver patented technology that has earned numerous awards, cementing our role as pioneers in wireless power. In our commitment to safety, we’ve gained certifications from some of the world’s most stringent markets, affirming our dedication to consumer well-being and dependable products.

Our extensive portfolio features a variety of wireless power transmitters and receivers, all engineered to meet the diverse needs of clients in various industries. We stand out with our long-range charging capabilities, offering unique value and significant cost savings by reducing the need for batteries and frequent manual charging.

Energous offers unmatched flexibility, making it simpler than ever to integrate wireless power into existing infrastructures or new projects. Our tech streamlines operations with exceptional reliability, allowing you to focus on core business objectives. We don’t just meet wireless power standards; we set them, delivering cost-effective, flexible solutions tailored to modern needs.


Across a multitude of industries from healthcare  to logistics, our versatile wireless power technology delivers tailored solutions that add value to your organization.


We seamlessly integrate with our partners to enhance their IoT ecosystems, covering everything from asset management and loss prevention to supply chain automation and sustainability.

Countries Regulatory Certification, Including the EU, Japan & North America
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Patents Approved, Ranging From Precision Power Targeting to Smart Object Detection

Wireless Charging, Redefined


World’s first and only regulatory-approved wireless charging technology that supports far field wireless power transfer (WPT)


The world’s first FCC Part 18 certified at-a-distance charging solution


Join a growing ecosystem of RF Powered WattUp-enabled devices.

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