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Unlocking the Future with Energous’ Radio Frequency Wireless Charging

Start Date: June 30, 2023

Energous: Pioneering the Next Wave of Wireless Power

With demand for cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions as high as ever, Energous is a beacon of innovation with its radio frequency (RF) wireless charging solutions. Unlike traditional charging methods, Energous’ technology offers a groundbreaking approach to power delivery, redefining efficiency, convenience, and accessibility in the wireless world.

How Energous’ RF Wireless Charging Works

Energous’ RF wireless charging technology transcends conventional limitations, enabling true wireless freedom. Here’s how it sets a new standard:

  • • Transmitting Power Over RF Waves: By utilizing radio frequency waves, Energous’ technology sends power to devices, bypassing the need for cables or direct contact.
  • • Low-Energy Bluetooth Communication: Integration with Bluetooth allows for seamless device communication, allowing real-time data transmission.
  • • Cost-Effective Solutions: Energous’ technology can be significantly more affordable. By utilizing wireless power, Energous eliminates the need for batteries and cables which may require installment costs.

The Advantages of Energous’ Technology

Energous’ RF wireless charging system offers numerous benefits that make it a superior choice for wireless power needs:

  • • Versatility: Capable of charging a wide array of devices, from small wearables to IoT sensors, without requiring precise alignment or direct contact.
  • • Safety: Energous meets stringent safety standards, including approval from the FCC.
  • • Ease of Integration: By communicating via low-energy Bluetooth, Energous can be integrated easily into existing IoT ecosystems.

Applications of RF Wireless Charging

Energous’ technology has broad applications, revolutionizing how we power devices across various sectors:

  • • Retail: Real-time asset tracking ensures no misplaced inventory and loss is greatly reduced.
  • • Healthcare: Powering medical devices and sensors, ensuring they remain operational without interrupting patient care or workflow.
  • • Industrial and IoT: Enabling seamless power delivery to sensors and devices in smart homes, factories, and cities, facilitating the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

Energous’ FCC Approval: A Testament to Innovation

A critical milestone for Energous has been receiving FCC approval for its various RF wireless charging solutions. This approval validates the safety and efficacy of the technology and positions Energous as a leader in the wireless charging space, ready to meet the needs of tomorrow’s wireless world today.