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Power Up Your Digital Asset Trackers with Wireless Charging at a Distance

In the world of supply chain management, keeping track of assets as they make their way through the intricate web of logistics has always been a challenge. Whether high-value shipments, sensitive pharmaceuticals or time-critical goods, these materials require constant monitoring and real-time visibility.

Digital asset trackers are transforming supply chain management, bringing the way we monitor and secure valuable resources into the modern era. These compact, intelligent devices employ innovative technology to provide accurate and real-time information about the location, condition, and environmental factors affecting your shipments. At the same time, they enable efficient inventory management, reduce potential theft and loss, optimize transit routes, and enhance your overall visibility into the supply chain.

Keeping these devices charged, however, has been a challenge. Given their mobile nature, wired charging solutions are a nonstarter. And replacing batteries is impractical in large-scale deployments with thousands of asset trackers or when the unit is on a cargo ship in the middle of the Pacific.

Energous has pioneered the wireless charging revolution by developing active energy harvesting technology capable of sending RF energy over the air at a distance to power tracking and IoT sensor devices. Active energy harvesting eliminates the challenges associated with keeping asset trackers juiced throughout their journey. Imagine a seamless power solution where your tracking devices are continuously charged, no matter where they are in the supply chain. Energous has developed an energy harvesting technology where Energous-equipped devices can transmit and receive energy over the air using radio frequency-based (RF) to energize battery-less sensors and tags without wires. You can effortlessly maintain the power levels of your asset trackers, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring and enhanced operational efficiency.

Benefits of Wireless Charging at a Distance for Digital Asset Trackers  

The benefits of active energy harvesting  for digital asset trackers are many:

  • Uninterrupted Power: Say goodbye to manual charging and power-related disruptions. Active energy harvesting ensures a consistent power supply, enabling your asset trackers to stay operational 24/7, providing continuous insights into your supply chain regardless of the length of its journey.
  • Streamlined Operations: By eliminating the need for manual charging, Energous wireless charging at a distance optimizes your workforce’s time and productivity. The team can focus on critical tasks instead of spending valuable time replacing or charging batteries.
  • Enhanced Tracking Accuracy: With constant power, your asset trackers can transmit accurate location data and other vital information, facilitating real-time tracking and seamless inventory management. Experience improved visibility and make informed decisions based on reliable, up-to-date information.
  • Cost-Efficiency: By eliminating the need for disposable batteries or frequent charging, Energous active energy harvesting technology reduces maintenance and replacement costs, saving you time and money while improving the bottom line. The OTA charging technology is superior in performance and it’s the most economical asset-tracking solution in the market today.
  • Scalable and Future-Proof: Energous wireless charging at a distance is designed to adapt and scale with your supply chain needs. As your operations expand, easily integrate more power transmitting stations to ensure a smooth power supply for all your asset trackers.


Energous Wireless Charging at a Distance in Action

Meet Acme Logistics, a fictional player in the global supply chain industry. Acme Logistics relies on digital asset tracking devices to monitor its shipments’ locations, conditions, and security as they travel through the supply chain. To ensure reliable, consistent power for its asset trackers, Acme Logistics has adopted active energy harvesting technology.

At key points along the supply chain, Acme Logistics has installed transmitters from Energous. These transmitters serve as power hubs, capable of delivering energy to nearby asset-tracking devices. Transmitters are positioned strategically, considering factors such as coverage range, power capacity, and the flow of shipments.

Acme Logistics’ asset tracking devices, equipped with energy harvesting receivers from Energous, seamlessly integrate into its supply chain operations. These devices are intelligently designed to receive RF power wirelessly from the Energous transmitters. The receivers capture the energy emitted by the transmitters and convert it into usable power to charge the devices’ batteries.

As Acme Logistics loads shipments, the asset tracking devices are attached to the cargo containers. The trackers contain sensors that capture data including GPS location, temperature, humidity, and shock/vibration data. These sensors ensure comprehensive monitoring and provide real-time visibility of the containers throughout their journey. As the assets come within range of the charging transmitters, they wirelessly receive and harvest the emitted energy, ensuring continuous power delivery. This active energy harvesting process occurs without the need for physical connectivity or manual intervention.

Embrace Wireless Charging at a Distance for a More Powerful Supply Chain

Active energy harvesting in the supply chain setting brings newfound convenience, efficiency, and reliability. By strategically positioning  energy transmitters and integrating asset tracking devices with Energous active energy harvesting technology, businesses like Acme Logistics can unlock the full potential of their operations.

Experience the power of Energous active energy harvesting and transform your supply chain into a well-connected and seamlessly powered ecosystem. Contact us today to explore how wireless charging at a distance can revolutionize your supply chain asset tracking and take your business to new heights of success.