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Wireless Charging, Redefined

Revolutionize your supply chain logistics with intelligent asset trackers powered by cutting-edge wireless technology, ensuring real-time updates on location, condition, and more.
Automate your retail pricing and promotions with wireless, over-the-air powered Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs), optimizing accuracy and efficiency across your store.
Eliminate the hassle of manual battery replacements in your industrial IoT network with our self-sustaining, energy-harvesting IoT sensors.
Enhance business security across all sectors with our loss prevention solutions, featuring wireless-powered tags for seamless and reliable monitoring.
Our wireless power networks seamlessly integrate into digital supply chains, ensuring that every component is continuously powered, monitored, and optimized.
Streamline your warehouse operations with digital inventory management, using IoT tags powered by dependable wireless technology for accurate, real-time tracking.
Improve healthcare outcomes with our wirelessly-powered patient tracking solutions, ensuring constant and safe monitoring for medical implants and devices.
Reduce e-waste and boost device longevity with our eco-friendly wireless power solutions, eliminating the need for disposable batteries and wired chargers.

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