Energizing IoT: Energous PowerBridge Meets the Wiliot Pixel Tag

In the rapidly expanding Internet of Things (IoT), businesses and engineers continually seek groundbreaking advancements to optimize operations and open new possibilities by improving asset tracking and digitization across various markets. A collaboration between Wiliot and Energous demonstrates a cutting-edge solution for this to be accomplished.

Powering through Wireless Charging: Energous PowerBridge in Action

The Wiliot Pixel Tag’s innovation is strongly anchored in its ability to harness energy through Energous PowerBridge technology, delivering real-time asset tracking while eliminating the need for an external battery or cable. This is achieved by Energous’ PowerBridges sending RF energy pulses over 900MHz spectrum, Wiliot Pixels harvesting the RF energy and using the energy to transmit Pixel unique identifier and sensor data over Bluetooth link. While conventional RFID tags grapple with limitations concerning energy usage, high integration equipment cost, accuracy limitation and transmission distance, Energous transcends these barriers by integrating wireless charging capability to Wiliot Pixel Tags to achieve both power and data transmission up to an impressive 10+ meters. This groundbreaking approach revolutionizes asset digitization and data communication while fostering a pathway toward sustainable technology application by minimizing energy usage and ensuring reliable, longer-range power transmission.

Upholding Global Regulatory Standards: An Unwavering Commitment in International Operations

Energous’ rigorous adherence to global radio frequency (RF) regulations is pivotal for businesses in the international tech sphere. Beyond mere legality, this opens a cascade of opportunities in various global markets, including the USA, Europe, China, Japan, and many more. Certification and compliance with regional RF regulatory norms mean that technology businesses and engineers can implement this technology across numerous international projects without apprehension of infringing regulatory protocols. This strict compliance not only legally safeguards operations but also magnifies the technology’s global applicability, enabling frictionless international deployments.

Versatile Applicability: An Innovation Across Sectors

Versatility in Wiliot’s Pixel Tag increases its applicability, permeating through a vast array of use-cases, from smart asset tracking, labeling to intricate deployments within smart buildings and cities. Visualize an environment in cohesive communication, where data transmission isn’t dampened by energy constraints. From orchestrating resources within smart buildings to transmitting crucial data in healthcare applications, the technology stands not merely as an advanced tool but a versatile solution, propelling innovation across diverse IoT domains.

For instance, within supply chain management, the Pixel Tag, with its long-range and energy-efficient data transmission facilitated by Energous’ PowerBridge, can enhance smart labels that communicate data without a continual power supply, thereby refining traceability and accountability of products throughout their journey. Within smart buildings, the wireless energy reception can foster intelligent systems that communicate and operate with minimized energy input, thus forging the pathway for sustainable urban development.

In conclusion, Energous’ PowerBridge, in conjunction with Wiliot’s Pixel Tag, regulatory compliance, and versatile applicability, forges a new pathway in the IoT framework. For engineers and businesses aspiring to enhance data transmission while adhering to global standards and exploring varied use-cases, this technology emerges as a beacon ushering a future where technology is advanced, efficient, compliant, and broadly applicable. Whether enhancing supply chain logistics or pioneering intelligent systems within smart cities, the Pixel Tag, fortified by Energous PowerBridge technology, promises a future where this is a reality.