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An Inside Look at Energous’ RF Testing Chamber: Where We Test, Validate & Optimize Wireless Charging 2.0

As a fabless semiconductor and systems company that is driving forward a new generation of wireless charging, Energous has built its own world-class testing facility at its headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Energous testing chamber img1The facility was built for Energous’ R&D team and customers to test, validate and optimize its wireless charging 2.0 technology as it is licensed and deployed on a global basis. Having access to its own in-house facility allows Energous’ engineering teams to tune systems in real-time, verify performance and improve efficiency as the company works with customers to bring WattUp-enabled products to market.

Energous’ in-house regulatory laboratory supports real-time development needs and gives the company a very unique and competitive advantage in the wireless charging industry. Energous’ Regulatory Department has installed a state-of-the-art test laboratory within its facility, featuring a fully functional EMC Chamber, antenna chamber and a SPEAG DASY6 test system to precisely measure RF energy.

Energous testing chamber img2The chamber operates with customized automation SW that is designed to meet the unique test challenges of wireless charging products. The chamber is used for both prototype development for certification prescreening and customer product support. Certification prescreening is continuously tested to ensure that designs comply with global standards limits prior to conducting formal certification. This optimizes Energous’ official certification process by significantly reducing the certification timelines and it produces datasets that allow engineers to continuously improve on designs, as well as visualize the RF energy pattern associated with power at-a-distance products. The chamber is used for antenna pattern measurements, antenna gain, power mapping, spurious emissions, EMC and EMI.

Energous also performs RF testing, including but not limited to transmit output power, occupied bandwidth and transmission time.

The SPEAG DASY6 is the world standard for SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) and E-field measurements. It is an industrial robotic arm coupled to a computer server system, which controls the arm, drives the sensor system and compiles the data (energy measurements). It is able to run through automation and creates large data sets, from complex 2D and 3D area scans.

Energous’ regulatory team performs E-field testing in an open air environment to ensure the RF energy is locally directed to the intended client device in need of charging. This ensures that the RF energy is used where it is needed, while limiting extraneous energy. SAR testing measures the electromagnetic energy absorbed by a human body, demonstrating WattUp devices are always safe and in accordance with international regulatory requirements. The energy measurements are displayed as textural data, as well as visual map format. Energous’ team has been able to use this system to create greater confidence in the safety of WPT and open doors for future customer product development.Energous DASY6 img3

Energous’ world-class testing and development facility is used by its team and customers to test, validate and optimize its WattUp wireless charging 2.0 technology as it is licensed and deployed on a global basis. Energous’ regulatory engineers come from various RF certification backgrounds and bring together unique experience that allow them to accomplish multiple wireless charging certification activities.

The Energous Regulatory Team is leading the worldwide launch of Wireless Charging 2.0