Industrial Ecosystem

WattUp® Wireless Charging for Industrial

In a fast-moving industrial workplace, cumbersome cords, never-ending wires and constantly draining batteries can slow down productivity or even halt the line.

Waterproof industrial sensors, inventory scanners, security cameras and other small electronic devices that are used heavily in industrial settings are instantly improved if they are wirelessly charged at-a-distance. Pallet tracking becomes a breeze when all sensors and RFID chips are at full power. Along with other everyday tools such as walkie-talkies, tablet devices, and much more will all be ready to go for your fast-paced business.

Wireless power technology from Energous is responding to these new industrial realities by removing plugs and cords,  making sensors, electronic locks, asset tracker, electronic shelf labels, and a large variety of small battery powered devices waterproof, more robust, maintenance free, smaller with new design flexibility, and easier to implement in operations.

The industry is evolving fast towards automated production, highly optimized processes with real time monitoring and interaction in case of changes or adjustments in output, feeding into globally integrated supply chains. The Internet of things (IoT) which describes the network of physical objects (things) that are embedded in industrial operations with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the Internet, further accelerate the change. Three main drivers stick out:

Big Data, and AI

Industrial productivity and efficiency are increasingly dependent on the automation of processes, the collection of big amounts of data and the use of artificial intelligence algorithms to perform analytics and to trigger real time actions.


Advancements in sensor technology enable the industry to use sensors in manufacturing processes and harsh environment where it is was not possible before and where the presence of operators is a safety risk or not even feasible.

Robust, Maintenance-Free Operation

The implementation of industrial IOT requires more maintenance free and robust devices. In many cases this can only be achieved with hermetically sealed devices, without exposed connectors or cumbersome maintenance procedures (including change of batteries or cleaning of connectors).

WattUp wireless power technology supports the industry with multi-device charging capability, fast charging solutions in close coupling, trickle charging with increased distance between charger and the device, and continues power transfer solutions including harvesting.

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