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Defense, Homeland Security and Public Safety professionals use an unprecedented degree of electronic technology to perform their jobs with more capability, clarity, safety, and accountability than ever before. From command-and-control systems at headquarters and command post level, right down to portable and worn devices at team and individual level, electronics are a now fundamental element of operations.

However, portable electronic equipment also requires a steady supply of power. WattUp® is ideally suited for providing intelligent, easy-to-use, hassle-free wireless charging and power management.

WattUp® enabled devices also don’t require any connectors, so hardware can be made more streamlined and rugged. And as there is no need for external ports or covers that are easily damaged, internal components are also better protected against penetration by dust, grime, and liquids.

WattUp® benefits in applications include:

  • Simplified battery maintenance and logistics
  • Streamlined battery charging and monitoring
  • Reduced burden of cables, chargers and adapters
  • Increased flexibility for charging devices and batteries

Potential uses in Defense & Public Safety



  • Radio and telephony systems
  • Data and video communication systems
  • Navigation and tracking systems
  • Cameras, tablets, and more…



  • Sensors, monitors, and detectors
  • Small aerial and ground drones
  • Observation and marking systems
  • Portable medical equipment

The Technology That Makes Them Work

WattUp® is an award-winning, wireless charging technology that will transform the way consumers and industries charge and power electronic devices at home, in the office, in the car and beyond.

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Our developer kits are specifically designed for companies that are looking at taking wireless charging to mass production with a designated product or group of products. Our engineers will work with you to integrate WattUp into your products.

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