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What’s Up with Wireless Power?

Energous' CEO Cesar Johnston talks about their wireless power chipset and technology.

The WattUp® Difference

WattUp® has many benefits over coil-based wireless charging solutions found on the market today. WattUp® provides an ecosystem of both at-contact and over-the-air wireless charging with its RF-based technology, while solving the orientation, placement and interference issues that consumers experience with coil-based solutions, as well as a variety of other pain points for manufacturers. The technology eliminates thermal challenges, foreign object detection issues, and it is a scalable technology with a smaller footprint so it can be integrated into a variety of sized devices, including the smallest hearing aid, which means easier manufacturing and lower BOM costs.

Why We Are Unique

  • We have a full spectrum of RF-based wireless power solutions – near field, desktop and charging-at-a-distance
  • The only second-generation wireless charging company shipping with partner product on the market
  • First FCC Part 18 Certification for Power-at-a-Distance
  • Approved to ship in 112 countries including the E.U., Japan and North America
  • Over 200 patents
  • World-class engineering expertise in RF, analog/mixed-signal IC, antennas, software, hardware and system design.


WattUp® receiver technology is tiny and scales to fit a wide range of device form factors, including everything from minuscule in-the-ear hearing aids to industrial IoT sensors to larger reconnaissance drones


WattUp® includes three flexible WPT options, for near, mid- and far field transmission. Near field transmitters charge devices on a charging surface, while mid and far field transmitters can charge devices over-the-air. The WattUp® wireless charging ecosystem is unique in that it supports charging based on application requirements.


WattUp® transmitters and receivers are supported by Energous’ wireless charging 2.0 software that manages and controls the WattUp® devices

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does WattUp® work?

    A WattUp® transmitter sends energy via radio waves to WattUp-enabled receiver devices. The receivers convert those radio waves into DC power, which in turn charges the receiver device’s battery.

  • How is WattUp® different from other wireless charging solutions?

    WattUp® provides both near field and over-the-air distance wireless charging solutions with its RF-based technology. This technology offers designers flexible antenna designs supporting very small footprints as well as curved/non-flat surfaces, placement and orientation freedom, and removal of pogo pins or USB connectors allowing for fully waterproof and dustproof designs. Additionally, our near field and over-the-air distance charging solutions are interoperable.

  • Is WattUp® safe?

    Yes. Our WattUp® technology was the first to receive FCC approval for Power-at-a-Distance. Additionally, we work with global regulatory bodies to ensure we meet all safety requirements.

  • Can I charge multiple devices with WattUp wireless charging transmitters?

    Yes, you can charge multiple devices as long as they are within the charging zone.

  • Does WattUp® interfere with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth?

    No. WattUp® transmits power via different bands than either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth without interference.

  • What is the WattUp® ecosystem?

    Energous is building a worldwide infrastructure for WattUp® wireless charging, partnering with original design manufacturers (ODMs), original equipment makers (OEMs) and integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) that currently design and manufacture existing wireless products (e.g. Wi-Fi).

    Infrastructure providers and operators that have historically monetized new wireless technologies as they deliver them to the market have expressed interest in WattUp®, as have multiple receiver product design and manufacturing companies in the target segments listed above.

    We also are involved in industry standards bodies, such as The AirFuel Alliance, to roll out the adoption of compatible consumer electronic products.

  • How can I work with Energous?

    Contact us!

    We partner with companies through joint development agreements or other licensing contracts. Our partners receive the support of our broad team of engineering and business professionals, and product design and deployment staff.

    Our team has more than 1,000 combined years in technology development and commercialization. Our reference designs not only take advantage of this depth of experience but are also created with economic and regulatory issues front and center. In short, your success is our success, and we will go the extra mile to ensure it!

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If you are interested in learning more about WattUp and how it can work for you, contact our team of experts today.

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Our developer kits are specifically designed for companies that are looking at taking wireless charging to mass production with a designated product or group of products. Our engineers will work with you to integrate WattUp into your products.

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