The WattUp Hearables Developer Kit

Enabling Faster Integration of Energous’ WattUp Wireless Charging Technology Into Customer Product Designs

The WattUp developer kit for hearables supports higher power delivery and fast-charging for a wide variety of hearables, such as Bluetooth earbuds, smart headphones and more.

The hearables reference design transmitter incorporates the DA14680, DA4100, EN3921 ICs and EN3913M module. The DA4100 is a highly integrated system-on-chip RF transmitter IC, the EN3913M is a highly-efficient, 2-stage GaN power amplifier (PA) controlled by the EN3921 IC, while the DA14680 supports full Bluetooth low energy 4.2 features.

On the receiver side, the DA2223 RF-to-DC receiver can be connected to up to four antennas and the DA14585 is a size-optimized, ultra-low power Bluetooth low energy system-on-chip ideal for small form factor product designs.

Developer Kit


  • Faster product integration
  • Easier manufacturing of wirelessly charged products
  • Small footprint to accommodate devices with various form factors, including those with curved edges and non-flat surfaces
  • 90-degree angle support when charging / orientation freedom
  • Foreign object detection to eliminate thermal issues with metal and other materials and to recognize WattUp receivers

What’s Included

  • Transmitter reference design with power supply
  • Receiver reference design
  • Mobile app
  • Reference design user guide
  • Data sheets
  • Transmitter schematic and layout
  • Receiver schematic and layout
  • Software SDK
  • Developer guide
  • Antenna design guide
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