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Energous chip en3210

EN3210 – Power Amplifier

Energous Power Amplifier

The EN3210 is a high power, high efficiency CMOS RF power amplifier that, together with the Energous EN4100 wireless power transmitter, provides optimal wireless power for wireless power receiver devices. It features a single channel RF power amplifier, input and output power detectors that enable closed loop power control and an integrated temperature sensor. Applications include RF-based wireless power for IoT sensors, RFID tags, Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL), and edge devices.


  • High power, high efficiency single channel CMOS RF power amplifier
  • Adjustable through an SPI compatible serial interface
  • Input and output power detectors
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Analog multiplexer


  • Enables at-a-distance wireless power
  • RF/antenna-based solution
  • Improves spatial and orientation freedom
  • Eliminates connectors and charging contacts
  • Fully sealed waterproof design

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