There is a disruptive shift happening in the evolution of powering and charging electronic devices. For decades, the only option was to plug a power cord into a wall outlet and wait…

After years of frustration, power cords have begun giving way to charging mats, which supposedly free you from wires. Unfortunately these power mats still require your device to be sitting on top of the mat while it’s charging.


Energous Corporation has developed WattUp™, a technology that will change the way you think about charging and powering your electronic devices be it in your home, office, car or public space. Energous is focused on delivering power to those devices through a wire-free environment which allows for true mobile charging and powering. True wire- free power means freedom from power cords and stationary charging pads.


Energous is dedicated to developing wire-free energy routers for electronic devices such as cell phones, wearables, tablets, cameras, lighting, remote controls, games, toys and more. We have developed a truly wire-free power solution comprised of a transmitter and receiver(s). Unlike inductive pad technologies, our wire-free charging allows you the freedom to move as your devices are charged within an energy pocket which moves and tracks with your device

Wire-free power should be as mobile as WiFi in your home or office. Your devices should have the ability to receive power/charging as they move around the room or are stationary in any part of that room. Whereas charging pads require you to surrender your device to the stationary pad, WattUp gives you complete freedom to roam the room while still receiving power to your device. WattUp can also be implemented to extend WiFi coverage, which allows us to reach more devices at a greater distance from the wireless router.

Endless applications For WattUp™

The technology can be applied to a plethora of everyday end-user devices.

mobile devices

Mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, security cameras, Bluetooth headsets, landscape lighting, headphones, remote controls, game controllers, clocks, 3D glasses, electronic toys, cameras, powered speakers, computer mice and trackpads, drawing tablets, keyboards, electric toothbrushes, inventory scanners, pagers, electric razors, webcams, GPS, smart watches, presentation pointers, cordless phones, security systems, fire alarms, smoke sensors, flashlights, heated/cooled serving plates and drinkware, radio-controlled devices, camcorders, microphones, electric blankets and heated/cooled wearables, inventory control devices, on-demand TV devices… and more.


Software control for easy management

WattUp Software Management allows for full control over the 3D pocket of energy.

Software Control

Prioritize device charging, manage users and charge level alerts provide instant feedback and control of the wire-free charging environment.