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EN2223 – Receiver

Energous Wireless Power Receiver


The EN2223 features four RF-to-DC receiver paths, allowing connection of 1 to 4 antennas dependent upon desired power and antenna area available. It is a RF-to-DC wireless power receiver optimized for wireless power applications. This includes applications such as IoT sensors, RF-tags, Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL), edge devices and more.


  • 4-Ports with 4 RF-to-DC rectifiers
  • Single port RF-to-DC efficiency of up to 74 % at +22 dBm input power
  • Combine rectifier paths to optimize rectifier performance based upon received power and system design
  • EN2223: WLCSP version of EN2210
    • small form factor (1.69mm x 1.39mm max)
    • less than 0.5mm thin


  • Enables at-a-distance wireless power
  • RF/antenna-based solution
  • Improved spatial and orientation freedom
  • Eliminates connectors and charging contacts
  • Enables fully sealed waterproof design

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