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With the increasing availability of IoT devices, power supply and battery issues pose new challenges. Wired solutions are not sustainable, necessitating alternative methods. Simultaneously, the rapid growth of the IoT market has raised concerns regarding data collection, transmission, and processing. As a result, wireless charging, specifically RF wireless charging has emerged as an innovative solution.

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Energous Partners to Offer Battery-Free IoT

The company is growing its wireless energy solution to power BLE tags with new certification for use in Japan, and has teamed up with InnoTractor and Thinaer.

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IoT Deals and Partnerships: Iveda, VMware, Energous and More

From Iveda’s collaboration with Evergreen to develop military and government-grade UAVs, to Energous’ partnership with InnoTractor to create wireless asset tracking solutions, here are some of the latest deals and partnerships from the IoT industry.

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Energous Watt-Up技术赋能无线充电应用,释放物联网设备潜力

Electronic Enthusiast Network had the honor to invite Cesar Johnston, CEO of Energous, for an interview.

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The Great Potential of Healthcare IoT Through Wireless Power

Wireless charging has made an incredible impact on the world, including on the world of healthcare. But is there more that can be achieved? One company’s technology is poised to support both near-field and at-a-distance charging. Energous develops RF-based wireless power transfer technologies to power everything from the critical tools and devices that keep factories running to the instruments and wearables that monitor patient health — wirelessly.

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Cheddar: Catapult Looks to Elevate Sports With Sensor Tech

Cheddar spoke with Energous’ Eric MacDonald on the CES show floor in January about a smart, wirelessly powered football Energous developed with partner Catapult.

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RFID Journal: Catapult, Energous Bring Football Intelligence to Game Day

RFID Journal’s Claire Swedberg spoke with Energous and Catapult about the development of our wirelessly charged smart football.

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EE Times: Energous Expands Wireless Power Network Ecosystem

Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio recaps a busy year for Energous, including recent partnerships, evaluation kits and regulatory approvals.

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Retail Touchpoints: Wireless Power and the Retail Store of Tomorrow

Energous CEO Cesar Johnston penned an op-ed for Retail Touchpoints about the opportunities for wireless power in retail settings, writing, “When we free tomorrow’s IoT in these ways, we open up a world of flexible and mobile deployment with unlimited potential to truly transform the retail store experience in unimaginable ways.”

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Stacey on IoT: Bluetooth SIG plans to add new IoT capabilities

Top IoT reporter Stacey Higginbotham spoke with Energous about its partnership with Wiliot to power BLE tags over the air, enabling IoT expansion with a reliable and consistent power source.

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CES 2022

Energous CEO Cesar Johnston explains the wireless power revolution

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Mr. Beacon Podcast: The Energous Wireless Power Revolution

Energous CEO Cesar Johnston was a guest on The Mr. Beacon Podcast where he spoke to the future of wireless power and how it can provide a reliable source of power to the rapidly growing IoT ecosystem.

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