The entire WattUp® wire-free charging process is software controlled when using a Midsize or Full-Size WattUp transmitter. Using either our app or cloud-based web portal, you can identify which devices you want to receive power, how much power to send to each device, and even at what times you want them charging.

For example, you could prioritize charging of cell phones and tablets during peak hours of use, but set the system to charge devices like your television remote or wearable fitness tracker while you sleep. It’s a fully customizable and targeted charging system.

WattUp Find Location iPhone
WattUp Battery Charging Nexus

Software feature highlights:

  • Establishes the order in which devices receive power
  • Sets specific levels of power to send to each device
  • Sets minimum power levels
  • Creates a schedule for charging, deciding what times of day to send power to each device
  • Identifies whether a device receives a charge automatically or not
  • Determines whether or not a device receives a charge while in use
  • Tells the WattUp transmitter if a device has been plugged into a wall outlet
  • Lets users find public WattUp locations on a map, including whether they are free or paid systems (including the rate)