WattUp RF-to-DC Wireless Power Receivers

DA2210 is an RF-to-DC wireless power receiver optimized for wireless charging applications, such as wearables, fitness trackers, hearables, hearing aids, asset trackers, and other battery-powered electronics, where small implementation size and increased spatial freedom during charging provide advantages over coil-based charging solutions.

DA2210 Block Diagram

DA2210 features four RF-to-DC receiver paths, allowing connection of up to 4 antennas, dependent upon desired power and antenna area availability. Antennas can be as small as 2mm x 3mm, typically used for hearables, and from 8mm x 8mm to 10mm x 10mm for wearables. Multiple antennas can be used to increase received power for devices with increased area, such as remote controls or battery banks.

Dialog Semiconductor DA2210

RF/antenna-based solution

Smaller antenna than coil-based designs

Improved spatial and orientation freedom

Eliminates connectors and charging contacts

Enables fully sealed waterproof design


Fitness Bands


Hearing Aids

Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth Trackers

Smart Pens

Remote Controls