WattUp® Wireless Charging Ecosystem

Revolutionary, flexible technology that enables wireless charging from at-contact to distances of up to 15 feet.


WattUp transmitters can provide wireless power to more in-home devices than you would ever think possible. No more disposable batteries in gaming controllers, remote controls, smoke detectors, toys or other gadgets means a smaller environmental footprint. Smart home products can also be charged over-the-air automatically, so no more ugly cords or constant battery replacement needed!

Your smartphone battery anxiety will also be a thing of the past with WattUp. Need a fast charge? Place it on a WattUp high power Near Field transmitter pad. If your battery is already good to go, WattUp Mid Field and Far Field transmitters can keep that battery topped off, not letting it drop down throughout the day or night.

Applications Home
Applications Automotive


WattUp charging technology can be built into the dashboard, center console or other areas of a vehicle, offering fast-charging wireless power for your smartphone and other devices. Huge improvements in orientation freedom and foreign object detection means an all-around better wireless charging experience. Whether you have a smartphone, fitness tracker, GPS, Bluetooth headset or hearing aids, a WattUp-enabled vehicle means you will be able to charge all of the various small electronic devices you carry with you on the road, without having to worry about specific orientation placement.

Car manufacturers are also looking at WattUp to power sensors and other key technologies in the car. Not only will WattUp keep your devices charged up while you’re in the car, but it can even charge up sensors and other technologies while your car is parked in the garage at night.

Applications Automotive


How can wireless power help in the workplace? The WattUp ecosystem complements various spaces within the office environment — from employee desks, to each of the conference rooms, and even the lunchroom. A WattUp-enabled computer monitor may offer both Near and Mid Field charging to keep computer mice, keyboards, smartphones, fitness trackers, remote controls, webcams and other devices charged up throughout the day. Other devices in the breakroom, conference rooms and lobby can be charged at-contact or over-the-air depending on the need.

Applications Office
Applications Industrial


In a fast-moving industrial workplace, cumbersome cords, never-ending wires and constantly draining batteries can slow down productivity or even halt the line. Waterproof industrial sensors, inventory scanners, security cameras and other small electronic devices that are used heavily in industrial settings are instantly improved if they are wirelessly charged at-a-distance.

Applications Industrial


Bacteria and infections are some of the most basic, yet critical dangers in exam and operating rooms. Not only do hard-to-sanitize cords on tools harbor germs, but they can also become entangled during use. Cordless tools free up doctors and nurses from cord management and also allow for easy sterilization. WattUp charging technology is flexible enough to fit into both large and small tools, supporting both low and high-power needs. Asset tracking, medical sensors, and convalescent patient personal alarms are just some of the other great applications for WattUp wireless charging in the medical world.

Applications Medical


Demanding military applications represent some of the harshest conditions imaginable for electronic devices. From arctic to desert temperatures, dust storms and humid environments, and even underwater applications, today’s military requires exceptionally rugged designs that can stand up to the elements. However, protecting the integrity of electronic device internals is not simply achieved by a strong outer casing or waterproof design. Ensuring that the batteries of these devices are primed for operation at a moment’s notice is equally important for mission-readiness.

WattUp RF-based wireless charging supports the rugged needs of today’s military by enabling connector-free charging while offering full battery monitoring.